Basement Photos

Finishing a basement is a job that most homeowners avoid, but it should be a top priority in any home. In many homes, the basement is an opened, unfinished space for a washer, dryer, some laundry and not much else. When you really think about it, the basement is the perfect space for an out of the way office, playroom, guest bedroom or home fitness center. The possibilities with a finished basement are really only limited to what the homeowner wants to do with it. A good basement remodel will improve your quality of living and return about 70% of its original cost. If your home is 2000 square feet, expect to gain about 1000 square feet of extra space, which results in 50% more home for you to use! This extra space will instantly increase the market value of your current home.

Extra Income

Basement remodels might not just be for yourself. In this economy many homeowners are tapping into the profit that a finished basement apartment can bring them. Basement apartments are becoming very popular and usually rent approximately 75% of your monthly mortgage costs, which immediately offsets the cost of finishing a basement. Imagine getting 75% of your mortgage paid because you have a finished basement! Finishing your basement will offer the best price per square foot of any other remodeling project that you may do to your home.

Extra Space

Finishing a basement adds a warm, comfortable space in the winter and a cool, relaxing space in the summer. A basement can become the space that you always wanted on your main level. It is an open canvas to design whatever area you would like. Basements are the most energy efficient room in your home, so if you’re looking to create a space that your family can easily spend a lot of time in, we can create the perfect basement plan for you.

If you need a space that guests can stay in when they are in town or if you would like an extra room for a family member, there is no need to add an extension to your home, just add a finished basement! Many men are turning to the basement as their own man-caves or personal space. Make it a spot for friend to come watch football on Sundays or add a bar or pool table to create the ultimate space for you. Most basement spaces are actually large enough to accommodate both a mom-cave and a man-cave!

Most homeowners hate going into the attic to retrieve their holiday decorations and putting them back is even worse! With a finished basement, you can add storage for holiday decorations, important documents, clothing, and other items that you just do not want to get rid of yet. It is much easier to bring store your important items in the basement than to have to bring them up to the attic each time you need something! Whatever your plans are for your particular space, we can create a space that will meet the needs of yourself and your family for years to come.