When you need a general contractor, it is important to have someone that is experienced and trustworthy. A general contractor is one that can repair mostly anything in your home. A general contractor is the one to call when you need new windows, an extension on your home, new tiles in your kitchen or a vanity replaced in your bathroom. Whatever the job, we can do it for you and do it right. When you own a home, each season brings challenges to the structure of your home that should be addressed. Sometime a minor problem could turn into an even greater one if you decide to put off the inevitable fixes that need to happen around your home. We handle all phases of general contracting both inside your home and outside your home.

It is often the case that homeowners take on jobs that are too much for them to handle alone. Do it yourself shows on television make everything look so easy, but do not forget that those shows are edited to fit into a span of thirty minutes or so. We can repair what you could not finish. Our team of professionals will arrive at your home ready to work. Whatever the job might entail, we can handle any area of your home improvement needs, even if it is just a minor fix.

Additional Space

Our specialties include kitchen, bathroom and basement remodeling. Sometimes it is the case that a homeowner may just need more room in their current home. Maybe you have teenagers that can no longer share a room, or maybe you have a baby on the way and need a nursery built. It could be that the single bathroom that you once had was fine when the kids were little but now that the kids are older you need another one as soon as possible! It is also the case that the products in our lives just keep getting bigger. We need rooms to accommodate bigger televisions, garages to accommodate bigger cars and trucks and kitchens to accommodate bigger appliances. If you have an older home, you have probably realized that the space in your home is most likely already an issue. We will work with you to create a space that works well for both you and your family.

Repairs Pay for Themselves

Whatever your home improvement problems may be, we can find a solution. You should not have to live in an uncomfortable home that lacks the qualities that you want. Renovations add beauty and value to your home. If you have been putting off certain jobs around the home, you should know that it is probably costing you more money than you think. An independent study showed that just by replacing older, drafty windows in your home, you could save upwards of $500 off your heating and cooling costs annually. That is money straight into your pocket! Many homeowners only think of replacement windows in the winter when it is cold, but what about the wasted electricity that goes into your air conditioning units annually. That cold air is literally going “out the window”! It is easy to see that taking care of home repairs will eventually pay for itself.